Altmuslimah at the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Conference

Altmuslimah’s Asma Uddin chosen as a Muslim Leader of Tomorrow.
MLT New York Conference, April 2009
Following President Obama’s emphasis on engagement and mutual respect between the Muslim World and the West, 100 young American Muslim leaders in civil society, politics, academia, the arts and media convened in New York City on April 25-26, 2009 to learn techniques for disseminating their collective message of peace, pluralism and justice for all. Highlights of the 2009 New York conference included:

An evening panel with prominent media personalities entitled “Covering and Uncovering Islam in the Media”
Targeted trainings in highly specific areas such as “Op-Ed Writing” and “Crisis Communications”
The public recognition of MLTs for outstanding contributions to their communities
Networking opportunities for over 125 emerging Muslim leaders working in fields as diverse as academia, women’s rights, world music and the Muslim blogosphere
As participants in the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) program, the largest of its kind convening the next generation of civic-minded Muslims from across the globe, participants represented a diverse group of 125 Muslims from the US and Europe. The MLT network includes young, dynamic leaders committed to creating positive social change within their communities.
(Source: ASMA Society)

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