Ramadan on Twitter- A Cyber Celebration

The month of Ramadan has cued Muslims from all over the United States and the world to take some time out to spread the word about this holy month. While some record their daily experiences on their blogs, others are publishing ye ole “Ramadan 101” articles on webmagazines. Others are updating their twitter feeds with 140 character reflections on what Ramadan means to them.

The Huffington Post Religion Section recently published a slideshow of Ramadan tweets by people celebrating all over the world. This window to the minds of Ramadan observers is a great way to teach twitter-verse about Ramadan, accommodating the brevity that has become so common for today’s social networking generation.

Another interesting aspect to the concept “Ramadan on Twitter” is an effort being made by many to tweet the Quran throughout the month. AltMuslimah is also involved in this pursuit, and our tweets can be found on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, with the hashtag #TTQ. We are joining our colleagues such as Hussein Rashid, who began tweeting the Quran in 2009, after seeing Rabbis tweet the Torah.

Religion and technology have never been foes, and together they have only been of benefit, by creating access to much-needed information. With Islamophobia as rampant as it is, practices like tweeting about Islam and the Quran are helpful in creating digital dialogues globally. AltMuslimah is enthusiastic about being a part of the cyber celebration this Ramadan.

Shazia Kamal is an Associate Editor at AltMuslimah

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