Can I marry your daughter?

Too dark for your daughter? Brother Dash on race and Muslim marriage

Can I Marry Your Daughter?

Pledge words of devotion that spring from an emotion best described as a love that has nothing to do with her
Can I Marry Your Daughter?

I walked down a path that looked so clear
The clouds they smiled, the trees they cheered
The air a hint of spice and cream
But as I walked did my eyes dream?
This place of bliss?
Men’s cheeks I kissed
My tongue did speak
Prophetic verse
“A Salaam A Salaam”
The strange Men said
But I’m confused Light, Dark, Pure Bred?
Can I Marry Your Daughter?
Bring this passion for THE ONE, to this one, that is your one
You’ll gain a son!
Why do you run?
No not from me
But to that place
Where white sheets breathe
Where demons play
Where chains and whips evoke cruel days
Can I Marry Your Daughter?
My path became rope wrenched tight by a grip
Of forced realization don’t make me slip
From the edge of a truth that was always my hope
Let my heart be your judge
Let my soul be your sway
Let the words of that book be my advocate today
I pray, I give, 30 days food I touched not
If this world be a castle then I’ll sleep on a cot
My love for the one is the measure of my worth
Not this matter of where he chose be my birth
Can I Marry Your Daughter?
Break bread with collard greens, roti and naan
Comfortable in my identity not some Desi dapper don
I’ll clean and I’ll cook and the rent will be paid
I’ll teach her about a people that gave birth to Malcolm AND Imam Zaid
Can I Marry Your Daughter?
My hair ain’t straight it’s happy to be nappy
And it’s cool to be Dad, Abu or Como Estas Papi
My skin will not pass your paper bag test
But a drum that beats steady resides in my chest
Infused with the blood of Martyrs and Saints
From Hamza to Harriett swords that used paint
To create God’s landscape of shades and tints
Why does forty nine dot one three make your narrow eyes squint?

Can I Marry Your Daughter?
Lead salat in jamaat pray 2 extra rakats

Can I Marry Your Daughter?
Kiss tears of frustration from gender subjugation

Can I Marry Your Daughter?
Have our arms grow weary and our eyes get teary

Can I Marry Your Daughter?
‘cause we be lovers of God not the tone of Man’s flesh

Can I Marry Your Daughter?
If the Prophet was Bilal would you reject your deen?
Deny your Rabb and still say your so fresh and so clean?

Can I Marry Your Daughter?
The color of skin? Or the heart that’s within?
Speak without spin and I’ll ask you again
Can I Marry Your Daughter?

©Dasham K. Brookins (Brother Dash)

Brother Dash is a New Jersey based Spoken Word poet, writer and photographer.

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