Altmuslimah staff retreat 2013: Looking back, planning forward

After a weekend of thinking, planning, feasting, and fun—also known as Altmuslimah’s 2013 staff retreat—I feel motivated to move into a new era of excellence. Equipped with new ideas, renewed morale, and, finally, funding (alhamdulillah!), the possibilities are endless. After all, so far we’ve not only survived on a zero budget, but we’ve managed to do incredible things: produce high-quality content, challenge social norms, normalize previously taboo topics, tour the nation and the globe on speaking engagements, and put on some seriously fun social events!

In March 2014, Altmuslimah will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. As we prepare for a spectacular re-launch, we will also be taking a walk down memory lane, relishing in all of the amazing people and places that have illuminated our path so far.

Rooted in that gratitude for what has come before is our forward vision: to continue inspiring change in ways that are meaningful and substantive, rather than reactive; to appreciate an authentic Islam that, unwavering in its essential truth, is nonetheless lived and experienced in myriad ways; to be both theologically honest and spiritually generous; to appreciate the Divine in diversity. In sum: to be both deep and wide.

Our vision rests on your voices. Tell us what we’re doing wrong, where we can change, how we can better serve your needs. Step up to the plate and be part of the conversation—contribute with your voice, your passion, and your actions.

Altmuslimah thrives on an organic process of giving voice to your concerns while reflecting back to you new perspectives. In this way, each Altmuslimah writer becomes part of something bigger — in sharing your story, you ultimately impact the broader story of gender and Islam. Let’s continue weaving that tapestry together.

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