Psychiatric help for Peshawar survivors and families

Please see this important note from Asher, CEO of Naya Jeevan:

Dear Colleagues and Supporters of the Naya Jeevan mental health action plan for for the survivors/families of the Peshawar attack: – we’ve been overwhelmed by your show of support and have received over 100 requests to volunteer/provide mental health services and psychosocial support. In order to systematise new/additional requests, we’d like you to submit your details via [this] form on Google.

We are prioritising volunteers based on the need-on-the ground and relevant expertise and proximity to Peshawar. We are also coordinating with other teams in Lahore and Islamabad so as to not duplicate efforts. If you are a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or counsellor, stay tuned as we will be reaching out to you over the next 2 days with additional details.

For those of you who are outside Pakistan and interested in helping (and were not scheduled to come to Pakistan over the Winter break), we will be enlisting your support for our Phase 2 intervention (PTSD management) to be delivered by you mostly via nurse or CHW-assisted telemedicine.


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