Congrats, you have an all-male panel!

In the vein of satirical blogs like The Hawkeye Initiative (which tackles the male gaze in the depiction of female characters in comics) and S**tPeopleSaytoWomenDirectors (which shows sexism in the film industry) is the awesome Tumblr allmalepanels that documents the widespread gender gap in speaking engagements and publications. The blog began in March 2015 to document all male panels, seminars, events, and various other things featuring all male experts. It features images and screenshots of panels spanning a myriad of subjects and industries, featuring only men, complete with a stamp of The Hoff (one of the world’s truest masculine icons). It’s an information sausagefest out there.

Female Conference Speaker Bingo

All-male panels are endemic, and the issue is particularly true in Muslim communities. And yet, it should not and does not have to be this way. Zahra Billoo has compiled a list of female Muslim speakers, providing a digital Rolodex of amazing Muslim women. altM editor Margari Aziza Hill’s article, Organizing Gender Inclusive Events in the Muslim Community, shares how to include women in speaking engagements, so that all male panels don’t happen.

Parks and Recreation

Congrats, you have an all-male panel!

Image: Nicole Zhu

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