Kendall Jenner “Pioneers” Wearing a Dress Over Pants

Kendall Jenner was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a dress (tunic) over her pants. Bustle called it “her latest bold style trend” adding it to “her resumé of style pioneering.” (Edit: Bustle changed the article and its title after this piece was posted; the original was Kendall Jenner Wears a Dress Over Pants And Somehow Manages To Make It Look Excruciatingly Cool).


Photo: Gonzalo/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images via Refinery29

Yes, the look is chic, but to claim it’s style pioneering is fashion-Columbusing.

The tunic-over-pants, a style with variants in several cultures, has been around for a long time: the shalwar khameez from South Asia, the Westernized blend of kurtis over jeans and pants, and the longer shirts, tunics and dresses worn by Muslim women who dress modestly and/or wear hijab.

Bustle writes, “As easy as Jenner makes it look, the dress over pants combination can be complicated to pull off. Not everyone is used to such a bold new trend, but with a few easy steps, it’s easy to make the style your own.”

Last week, altM EIC Asma Uddin spoke about faith, fashion, and modest attire at the Muslim/American: Fashion panel in NYC. She and the other panelists were rocking the dress-over-pants.

Share your photos wearing a shalwar khameez, a kurti, or a dress over pants with us on Instagram @altmuslimah with #altmuslimahstyle #dressovermydamnpants (HT @HenaZuberi).


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