Mango launches Ramadan collection

With Ramadan less than a month away, the Spanish fashion chain Mango is launching a Ramadan collection on June 8th. Check out a preview of some of the maxi dresses from Mango here.

Last year, DKNY launched a Ramadan collection styled by Middle Eastern fashion personalities Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara al Gabbani.

Image: DKNY via NBC

Mvslim writes,

“The Ramadan collection may seem to be focused on Muslim women, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for every woman. These clothes are only slightly wider and they cover more. Apart from that, they’re just as elegant and fancy as those of other collections.”

Haute Muslimah disagrees,

“I’m honestly not that impressed with Mango’s Ramadan collection. Sure, the dresses are longer, but the sheer sleeves and back of many of them would still make it difficult for many Muslim women to wear to a Masjid/Mosque. The dresses also look like so many others we might find at almost any other store…”

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Photo: Mvslim

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