Ramadan ready?

The amount of coverage being given to Ramadan in recent years is growing, drawing more attention to one of the most spiritual experiences for Muslims. Much of it is humorous and enlightening – guaranteed to give one a sense of pride and joy in these most precious of days. Below is a brief summary of articles on different aspects of Ramadan. Enjoy and have a blessed Ramadan!

The New York Times discusses the power of the date. “Like all palm trees, date palms belong in the same botanical family as grasses, not fruits; that’s why, nutritionally speaking, they have more in common with grains than with most fruits. Dates contain potassium, protein, iron and other minerals; they can last for years and thus have been staples of the diet of nomadic people all over the Middle East for centuries.”

Huffington Post Religion – The graph posted here is interesting….anyone want to spend Ramadan in Australia as they have one of the shortest lengths of fasting (just over 11 hours for the 1st fast)? What about Muslims in Iceland? 22 hours is a long time – check out the next article (below the graph) which answers this question.

The Guardian – Informative review on the basics of Ramadan. We may think we know all there is about Ramadan, but interesting nuggets of information may enlighten you, such as – “How do Muslims fast in places with no sunset?

…in northernmost Finland, it (the sun) does not set at all for 60 days during summer. As a result, local scholars have said it is permissible to follow more reasonable sunrise and sunset times of another country. The Islamic Centre of Northern Norway, issued a fatwa – a ruling by a scholar of Islamic law or Muslim judicial authority – that gives local Muslims the option of following the fasting hours of Mecca, when the fasting day in Norway exceeds 20 hours.”

The Economist – Ramadan television programming? While many Muslims disconnect from social media, TV and other distractions, others watch 30 day soap operas during the month of Ramadan. Huh? Ramadan has become a big money-making business in TV programming!

These last couple years BuzzFeed has shown a certain affinity for all things Ramadan during this time of year – both helpful and humorous.

This BuzzFeed article on 27 foods to consume at suhoor to sustain energy is inspiring, but it takes a certain taste to consume chia seeds and oats on a daily basis. Some prefer the greasy mess of an omelette wrapped in a parata. Maybe mix in a green smoothie on the side of that heavenly greasiness to make it a little bit more healthy? The bottom line – there are the many options. With 27 suggestions, one can try something different to keep the growling stomach at bay for a little longer.

There is also the hilarious understanding on the struggle to focus on connecting to God while holding off the hunger pangs and lack of sleep in BuzzFeed’s 10 Expectations vs. Realities of Fasting for Ramadan. Their list includes Cookie Monster below-anyone know the feeling?

Grab anything edible insight. Everything and anything you have been craving all day. Cheetos? Yes. Samosas? Yes. Fruit? NO, move, get out of my way! Cookies? Yes!!!” 10 Daily Expectations Vs. Realities Of Fasting For Ramadan

PBS / Via giphy.com

Social media feeds fill up with shares, likes, tweets, re-tweets spreading the posts on Ramadan related topics, giving Muslims more laughter and enlightenment to celebrate this marvelous month. We focus on making this Ramadan more fulfilling and rewarding than the last; grateful for another opportunity to find a deeper connection to the One.


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