Hijab-wearing teen wins best dressed at high school

Inspired by a classmate’s fashion sense, the class of 2015 from Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey made an unconventional move when choosing their yearbook awards — voting classmate Abrar Shahin as their “best dressed” this year.

Shahin is Muslim, and wears a fabric head covering known as a hijab over her head as a show of modesty. But the 18-year-old says she has always felt that modesty doesn’t have to be boring, developing a style she describes as, “simple yet fun.”

Courtesy of Abrar Shahin

“I like to be comfortable but look good. I tend to go for the boho-chic style,” said Shahin of her wardrobe, which ranges from flowing skirts to stylish pumps to chunky necklaces — all paired with her signature hijab.

Shahin graduated in June, with a class of around 800 students. She says she was shocked to learn that out of such a large group, she had been chosen as best dressed.

“I am honored to come from a generation that is accepting. My sister, who went to Clifton High School 10 years ago, said she would never have imagined a hijabi winning this award,” Shahin told TODAY.com. “I just want to let every girl out there know that they should not be afraid to be themselves! Growing up in this society can be difficult, but the only way to advance and break stereotypes is to stay true to ourselves and our beliefs.”



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