Staying Faithful as a Muslim Student

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Going to college as a Muslim student can often be a different experience than it is for those who have no religion. As a devout Muslim, you will want to follow your religion, uphold your faith, and become stronger in your beliefs during your time at college. Attending college can provide a huge range of opportunities for all students, and Muslim students are certainly no exception. But, at college, it can be easy to succumb to stress, temptation and more that can challenge your faith. Here is some of our best advice for upholding the Muslim faith as a college student.

Find Like-Minded Students

One of the best things about attending college is that you can meet a hugely diverse range of students. Because of this, at most colleges, there will be a community of welcoming Muslim students for you to join. Doing this is important, as these students will be able to understand you better and this will make you feel more at home. Getting to know other Muslim students is also beneficial as they can give you advice and information on things such as local mosques, prayer rooms and facilities on campus, and even a Muslim society or group that meets regularly on campus.

Find Support

Depending on the college that you attend, you may unfortunately face problems as a Muslim student. With the recent issues around Muslims and refugees in the news, many Muslim students are worried about facing issues such as racism or bullying. The best way to deal with this is to ensure that you have the right support in place, for example, meeting with a college counsellor regularly. If you would prefer to study at home, you might want to consider an online degree, such as a masters in social work online. These degree programs are usually cheaper and more flexible, whilst still providing you with the option to meet and network with other students online.

Stay Connected to Your Faith

If you have grown up practicing a variety of habits because of your faith, for example, wearing the hijab, praying daily, and regularly attending the mosque, then doing your best to keep these up whilst at college will certainly help you to remain faithful and even strengthen your religious beliefs. However, if you feel that you would like to stop doing this for a while, or even try something new, college is also a good time to try this. Ultimately, staying connected to your faith is a very personal decision.

Ask for Help

Whilst studying for an advanced program such as an online MSW, it can be easy for the workload to take over your religious commitments. If you feel that your faith is slipping and you are upset about this, then don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether this is from a trusted family member or friend with a strong faith, or a religious leader.  

Whether you are Muslim, or even if you follow another religion, staying faithful to your beliefs can be tough when you are dealing with the stresses of college. These top tips will help you to become stronger in your chosen faith.


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