When Islam Is Not a Religion

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“Islam is not a religion” has been exported across the globe

“Islam is a political ideology that wants to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.”  “Islam is an ideological illness.”  These are just a sampling of statements and accusations I come across on a daily basis in my role as a researcher on Islamophobia. While such pernicious declarations are most visible on social…

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If Islam isn’t a religion, then neither is White evangelical Christianity

As a theologically conservative evangelical Christian who attends a predominantly White church, it is mind boggling to me that some in our communitywould contend that Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology undeserving of religious freedom. If there is anything that the White evangelical community should be learning during…

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Ramadan wisdoms

“30days30deeds” is a Ramadan blog created by Salma Hasan Ali to share the essence of the month through personal stories of gratitude, compassion and tradition. This year Salma has collected wisdoms passed down from elders to their loved ones—one wisdom for each day of Ramadan. AltMuslimah would like to share two of these…

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