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Professor Mohammad Fadel on Muslims, Islam, and Bostock

The increasingly heated culture wars in the United States involving the civil rights of homosexuals and trans-gendered individuals has come to the Muslim community.  The recent decision of the Supreme Court, Bostock v. Clayton County, unleashed a series  of vitriolic tweets by some American Muslims who opposed the Supreme Court’s ruling against American-Muslim…

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Battered into submission: Challenging the spiritual femicide of Muslim women with counternarratives from the Qur’an

Trigger warning: This essay contains graphic descriptions of domestic violence and spiritual abuse. “And when the female infant buried alive is asked. For what sin she was slain.” Qur’an (81:9–10) I dug my nails into the green carpet of the bedroom floor to drag my stiff, red marked body toward…

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Dating While Black & Muslim

Being Black and Muslim in America isn’t easy. Whenever I meet someone new, curious about my racially ambiguous features dressed in modest Islamic clothing, including the hijab, they usually ask where are you from? I say Massachusetts. And then they say no, where are you from from? And I answer, I’m American, Black and Latina, and Muslim….

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Author Rifk Ebeid on writing a children’s story of pride and resistance

altM editor, Asma Uddin, had a chance to speak with author Rifk Ebeid about her new book, Baba, What Does My Name Mean? You can connect with Rifk at www.BabaWhatDoesMyNameMean.com and on Facebook and Instagram @BabaWhatDoesMyNameMean. Rifk, it was an absolute pleasure to read the book. I felt like it was…

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