From Grocery Cart to Dining Table: How to Improve your Diet

Zainab Sarwar is a  certified 500-hour Power Yoga Specialist and Nutritionist, and has run highly successful yoga studios in Pakistan. She has now moved to Dubai and is re-establishing her brand – Moksha Studio Power Yoga. She shares some of her nutrition / exercise tips with AltMuslimah. What should people…

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Tips on Memorizing the Qur’an

Here are seven tips on how to efficiently memorize the Qur’an: 1.       Consistency is the Key The more frequently you sit down to review and memorize the Qur’an, the easier it becomes, so stick to a schedule of study. Motivate yourself by remembering that you can easily memorize three to…

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Eid treats from around the world

Eid is nearly here and that means Muslims are busy with preparations – shopping for new clothes, preparing presents for the children, cleaning their homes and finalizing their Eid plans.  In these last two days of Ramadan, no part of the house is as busy as the kitchen, because it…

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