Muslim Men on gender, love, and community

Recap: Muslim Masculinity in An Age of Feminism

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, altMuslimah (“altM”) and the Princeton Muslim Life Program co-hosted the symposium, Muslim Masculinity in an Age of Feminism. This community event was held at Princeton University and was available via live broadcast on Periscope @altMuslimah. Videos of the symposium are available to view on the PrincetonMLP Vimeo….

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Searching for Islamic manhood

When I accepted Islam almost two decades ago, I accepted more than five pillars. I also embraced the possibility of a manhood informed by Islamic ideals. The project of becoming a Muslim was therefore inseparable from the project of becoming a particular kind of man. This was no easy task:…

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Thoughts on [Muslim] Masculinity

When I was asked to sit down and write my thoughts on Muslim Masculinity, I hit a wall. The reason for this is mostly a function of my present situation. I’ve been in a successful marriage for the last five years of my life while raising two children as a…

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Islamic Spiritual Masculinity

My father-in-law told me something wise one day: He said the problems the Muslims have today is because Muslim males do not know how to be men. Properly developed men are those who are best to their families. Abu Hurairah (ra) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said: “Among the Muslims…

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