Modern-day slavery and its 27 million victims

The problem of human trafficking – including sex trafficking – is unfortunately persistent and growing in the Muslim world and elsewhere. Simply put, human trafficking is modern day slavery, driven underground because of the legal barriers and social stigma involved in slavery itself.

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The Saudi bitch slap

A Saudi Arabian judge declared this weekend that husbands can slap their wives if they spend too much money. Asra Nomani tells us why she is “thrilled” by his outrageous remarks (and his getting busted for them) and why they are a helpful wakeup call for the Muslim world.

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The dehijabization phenomenon

After a brief, identity-driven swell in the number of hijab wearers, there now appears to be a decline. Why did women who spent years, or decades, in hijab decide to dehijabize? What is it that women feel must be fulfilled in life without the hijab that is apparently missing while wearing it?

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