Dressed for success: Sunshine, heat, and the professional Muslimah

Listening to the weather forecast on my way to work, I pondered on the challenges the professional Muslimah faces when dressing appropriately. Whether it is finding modest clothing that suit her workplace, or finding an outfit that complies with safety requirements for risky jobs, we are often haunted by making the right dress choices that will enable us to get the job done while climbing the corporate ladder.

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NISI Fashion

Inspired by the modern day feminists of the post-colonial Muslim world, my dedication to women’s education and empowerment extends far beyond the needles and bolts of fashion. NISI also acts as a women’s empowerment project because it supports education for young women in developing countries.

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As part of Altmuslimah’s efforts to explore gender themes that Islam has in common with other faiths, the star of ‘Blossom,’ Mayim Bialik, reflects here on how her Jewish faith and its concept of modesty (tzniut) changed the way she dresses.

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