My First Ramadan as a Muslim

As a white, American-born, new Muslim the hostile social pressure that’s constantly pelting me like rocks should be breaking me right now. Yet, the exhausting and ultimately, inspiring experience of my first Ramadan is acting as a shield, despite the challenges. People keep asking me why, at the height of…

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Your good deeds are full of reward

Its day 3 of Ramadan and I have kept only one fast, had to break another, and missed one entirely. As I write this, I know I likely will miss another one tomorrow, and then a couple more later this week when my menstrual cycle arrives, and then possibly a…

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The Hijab is oppression and the Hijab is liberation

Since 9/11, each election cycle in America and in European nations brings with it a renewed fury over the debate of whether or not Islam is compatible with the West. When politicians stoke their citizenry’s latent fear of Muslims to drum up votes, hijab-wearing* Muslim women are arguably the ones…

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