Gender Violence

Where There is Ruin, Treasure Awaits

We live in a time when good days are hard to find. Each morning, it appears as if the world fell apart a little more overnight.  The Rohingya genocide looms. Yemeni children continue to starve. And American democracy dangles on the slender threads of Presidential tweets. Then, there are stories…

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#MeToo and Misplaced Feminism

The vast majority of women are familiar with a certain sinking feeling. That feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut, coupled with horror and fear.  We know the shaky feeling you get when someone takes a good, long look at you from top to bottom, undressing you with their eyes….

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I Can’t Be a Good Girl Anymore

His hand slides up under the hem of my ruffled cotton dress.  We are waiting in the car for my aunt to come out of the store, and her husband’s hand goes from my skinny knee to the inside of my thigh.  He smiles and tells me I have very…

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