muslim women changemakers

Lisa Vogl-Hamid

 I was inspired to travel and do photography and it ended up bringing me Islam. Who are you? AsSalaamu alaikum, my name is Lisa Vogl-Hamid and I’m an international wedding and fashion photographer. I currently live in Las Cruces, NM with my wonderful husband and mother-in-law. However, more importantly I…

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S. Nadia Hussain

I always felt different, like no matter what I did I was an outsider.     Who are you? Where I come from is an interesting question. I had moved over 30 times in my life by the time I was 28 years old! My parents immigrated to the US…

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Melody Moezzi

[I] consider myself 100 percent Iranian and 100 percent American.   Who are you? I was born in Chicago in 1979. My parents, both Iranian, told me recently that they came to the US intentionally so that both my sister and I would be American citizens. Yes, I’m an anchor…

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