I’m A Muslim Woman in Texas Who Got To Train Thousands of Local Police Officers On Cultural Sensitivity

It all happened after a Muslim woman threatened to sue the police department when they forcibly removed her hijab during her arrest. There’s a police officer in the room with me, and he’s shouting “You don’t know what you’re talking about, ma’am!” I tremble inwardly, but I don’t back down….

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A new Muslim Renaissance is here

History is witness to a time past when the Islamic civilization produced globally unparallelled architecture, literature, science, philosophy, theological discourse, and cultural influences – influences so strong it made European nobles want to dress like Muslims. Critics of Islam and Muslims scoff at this romanticism, asserting that Muslims have not produced anything great since the Middle Ages and most likely will never again.

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When bigotry came to my book reading: A Muslim feminist’s love letter to Cambridge

It happened. A heckler. At my first solo book reading.
I was promoting my debut novel, Painted Hands, at Cambridge’s Porter Square Books. Though I was an attorney in a past life, I was ridiculously nervous. It’s one thing to participate in moot court, or lead a seminar on contract negotiation. But to stand before a crowd of strangers and read your work–the pages that you have poured your heart and soul into for years? When you’re new to it, it can border on terrifying.

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