Muslim Countries Host the Largest Number of Refugees

The past two years have seen increasing media attention in Europe and America on the world’s ongoing refugee crisis.  Airwaves are deluged with images of desparate people floating in dilapidated boats trying to reach Greece and Italy.  Lines of people, dirt streaked and desparate, trudging through fields and forests in…

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‘A light beating’

A HUSBAND and wife in Pakistan can never be alone again. In between them sit the clerics of Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology (CII). However small the space may be, the mullah in the middle would like to prescribe what is to happen between them. He tells the wife that…

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Sadiq Khan: What’s Next?

The news of Sadiq Khan winning the mayoral race in London spread like wildfire in Muslim circles. WhatsApp groups, Twitter, Facebook, texts and emails were full of surprise and pride. In a time of rising Islamophobia in the western world this news was welcome validation that Islamophobia can be overcome….

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