Muslim women are not silent

Afghanistan’s new law – one that essentially legalizes marital rape – is just one of a series of recent developments that undermines the rights of millions of women. In early April, a video turned up on the Internet of a 17-year old girl being mercilessly beaten in public by the Taliban in the Swat valley of the Northwest Frontier Province in Pakistan. But in response, politics comes first, and women second.

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Iraqi Mothers Call for Change

Iraq’s nearly 1 million war widows desire progress. Like men, women seek opportunities to feel normal again. But in a patriarchal society, women understand that men are central to their survival. Therefore, we can only hope to improve the lives of women in Iraq by making sure that men are included in any gender-based project.

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According to Allah’s rules and laws women and men are equal with different duties and responsibilities in society. I believe that western feminists have the wrong notion of what “equal rights” between men and women truly mean.

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