Between “liberated” and “oppressed”

Though a recent Gallup study is an important one which illustrates the diversity and spirit of America’s Muslims, The Washington Times frames the findings to suggest that the study zeroed in on Amercian Muslim women and proved that America has liberated this otherwise repressed population – a result that fits this publication’s ideology a little too snugly.

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Sisters in the Muslim Brotherhood

Recently, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood claimed to be in favour of “complete equality” between men and women while preserving their different social roles. But two years after this stated vision of gender equality, the current status and role of women in the Muslim Brotherhood’s organizational structure remains lacking.

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Do sex taboos contribute to sex trafficking?

As much as we’d like to deny it, sex trafficking and forced prostitution of women and children is rampant in the Muslim world – in large part because Muslim men demand these services. The fear of discussing sexual relationships openly and constructively may explain the unwillingness to rout out these evils. What will break the silence?

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