Finding God through struggle

What do we do when life becomes difficult? In times of uncertainty, struggle, and loneliness, it is easy to wonder if God really hears our prayers. We can seem like such an insignificant part of His creation. Why would He care for us, we may ask, when we are often…

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Beyond Politics: The Muslim American identity

“Don’t judge Islam by the actions of a few. For Islam is perfect while Muslims are not.” What this advice fails to address is that people generally don’t care what you believe, only how you behave. Armed with this insight, American Muslims are shifting from expending precious time and resources…

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When reason is unreasonable and only seeing is believing

Some of the first stories I ever loved were ones from the Qur’an and hadith. They filled the colorful pages of picture books my mother kept on a high shelf right next to the shelf where we stored the more stately hardbound, gold-trimmed volumes of the Qur’an. These stories are…

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