American Muslim writers: An interview with G. Willow Wilson

As a Muslim woman working in comics, author G. Willow Wilson breathes rarified air in a traditionally male-dominated industry. First coming to prominence with the 2007 DC Comics graphic novel Cairo (illustrated by M.K. Perker), a fantasy story informed by the author’s own time living in Egypt, she has continued to offer insights in her writing reflective of her unique lived experiences, whether via DC’s Superman and Vixen, Mystic for Marvel, or her own 2008-2010 Vertigo series Air.

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Part 1: Female, Muslim, and mutant: Muslim women in comic books

In the male-dominated world of comic books where female characters are depicted with large breasts and skimpy skin-tight clothing, it’s interesting to examine whether or not Dust, a Muslim female member of Marvel Comic’s X-Men since 2002, and other Muslim super-heroines, escape the sexual objectification and sexism that women often suffer in comic books.

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