The Pence controversy: Misunderstanding social conservatism

I am a bit disappointed by the current media fixation on Vice President Mike Pence’s personal policy of social restraint. I am speaking of course of the recent controversy surrounding Pence’s pronouncement that he never dines alone with a woman who is not his wife. The media has roundly criticized…

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Conservative couture

When Los Angeles-based sisters Nadia Rayan and Nora Rayan Ghaneian were planning to attend a relative’s wedding in Egypt back in the summer of 2006, they came to the realization that their access to and selection of existing evening wear in the U.S. and Egyptian stores was mundane at best. In Cairo, they opted for a local tailor to help create their custom dresses — and, albeit a common and accessible option — were overwhelmed by the positive feedback to their silk column gowns that were simple, yet sophisticated.

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