Color-coded confessions: Background shades of the marriage process

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“He is educated, Mashallah …a lawyer, and the age difference is just right. I talked to his mother, too. She was absolutely delightful, she agreed with me on everything! She is sending his picture through the e-mail right now.” Barely able to contain her excitement, my mother grabs her reading glasses and positions herself before the monitor. It is the Moment of Truth.

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South Asian-American Men Balance Tradition and Modernity to Find a Bride

The Urdu phrase “bus bohot hogiya hay” sends chills down Umair Khan’s spine. Roughly translated as “enough already,” it’s something Mr. Khan, 34, a Manhattan lawyer, has heard uttered by his mother, his aunt and their Pakistani-American friends on several occasions, lately with increasing exasperation. The frustration stems from Mr….

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Jihad Me at Hello

Tinder and Osama bin Laden. Those are two words you wouldn’t expect in the same sentence. Cue mixture of horror and curiosity. Gawker writer Sam Biddle did a social ‘experiment’ on Tinder. He used an unconventional source for his flirtatious remarks – Osama bin Laden’s ‘love letter’ to one of…

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