The wedding that never happened

I met him end of freshman year of college and he immediately pulled me in. The charming, funny, attentive types always get me. We hit it off and began skipping classes together, going to parks in D.C. instead, where we whiled away the afternoons chatting, laughing, and even chasing each…

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There are just no good Muslim women out there

I shouldn’t take this any further. Apart from not being true, it’s a diatribe that obfuscates something deeper (just as the parallel, but unnervingly more standard retreat, “Where are all the good Muslim men?” does). The degree of intelligent, sincere, socially conscious, and admirable Muslim women I meet is staggering, many of whom in a previous life I wouldn’t have hesitated asking out to dinner to get to know better. Yet, I find myself simply put off by Muslim women. << From the AltMuslimah Archives >>

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