When Muslims Protected Jews

The past few weeks have been disheartening for a lot of people, and particularly Muslim Americans.  The Muslim Ban and the ratcheting policies targeting Islam and Muslims have constructed a narrative of “us versus them”. Muslims are rapidly becoming “the other.” However, all the protests since the Inauguration have given…

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This is What America Looks Like

We landed at JFK Airport on a sweltering August day twenty-seven years ago.  Me, my two younger brothers, and my parents – arriving to stay with a relative in Staten Island until my engineer dad could find a job.  From Pakistan my parents had migrated to Saudi Arabia, and at…

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altM explores faith, fashion – and controversy

As increasing number of women around the world choose to dress in ways that express their religious beliefs and cultures, Professor Reina Lewis of London College of Fashion, UAL joins with and the Princeton Muslim Life Program to explore the pleasures and pitfalls of ‘modest’ fashion as community and…

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