Apparel for Liberation: Avow

The American modest apparel community has a new sweetheart brand gaining quick recognition for its quality blend of design concept and garment construction. California based Avow Apparel is about liberation–the liberty to be who you are at all stages of your journey in life through the declaration of clothing. To…

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My So-Called Bad Muslims

My parents say you’re a bad influence. I heard ‘em talking about the things you do. Why do you do them?” “I don’t know. See, okay, when I look at myself, I see everything in, like, slow motion, and I think “Something has to happen.” Only it never does. So…

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“Even the worldliest love has a spiritual side”: Interview with Elif Shafak

In her poetic new novel, Elif Shafak explores two parallel journeys toward Love – one set in modern times and another in the thirteenth century, between Sufi masters Rumi and Shams of Tabriz. The intersection between these two narratives reveals important lessons about self, selflessness, and Divine submission. Altmuslimah’s Asma Uddin spoke with the author about the deeper messages behind her lyrical prose.

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