Middle East

The Middle East’s secret religion

“It doesn’t matter if it is DKNY, the bag itself is beautiful.” The comment sprung on me like an ambush of sorts, with the fragile veiling of a back-handed compliment. I’d rather buy a beautiful vintage street bag from Sunday Bazaar than an ugly one from Valentino, I silently responded…

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How to Take the Internet Back from ISIS

altM’s Editor-in-Chief, Asma Uddin, participated in the 1st Haqqathon in Abu Dhabi- and won! Read the media coverage by NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston below:   Last week, in the ballroom of the St. Regis Abu Dhabi, Chris Blauvelt climbed onstage with three other Americans to accept first prize in the world’s…

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(Dis)honor killings

Honor killings, in which women are murdered for tarnishing their family’s honor, are prevalent throughout the Middle East. In Jordan they account for one-third of all violent deaths, on the order of twenty-five a year. Although they are illegal, the murders are prosecuted leniently in a country where tribal custom and Islamic teachings often hold sway in the courts.

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