mother’s day

Mothers’ Day is due

apprehend \a-pri-ˈhend\ – to grasp the meaning of; understand, especially intuitively; perceive. Mothers’s Day is due. And it’s purpose is to apprehend our mothers – for a single day, a single moment of that day, to focus our luminescent faculty of ‘Aql given us by God. Surely we are capable of…

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A Mother’s Day Tribute from a pediatric nurse

The first time I worked on Mother’s Day, I saw the day through a different lens. My patient’s mother usually came in every morning after her night shift job and passed out on the hospital sleeper chair for a few hours. But that morning, she arrived wearing her Sunday best and her finest pearls. In her hand was a camera, and a satin dress for the baby. She wanted a picture with her daughter, and asked if we could do everything possible to make her look less like a patient and more like a “normal” child.

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