The Birth of altMontage

When I was asked about my position on the Iraq war, I responded that I felt we were in Iraq needlessly.  After an awkward silence, the inquisitor, shamefaced, admitted he had meant what I thought of the war as a Muslim, not as an American. As a Muslim? Well, my…

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Reading with Maryam – Discovering Muslim children’s books that delight and inspire

Some time ago, I complained to a friend that there were few good children’s books on Muslims or Islamic themes. I’m an American-born Muslim woman, and I was looking for books to share with my older daughter Maryam, then three. I wanted lively, upbeat bedtime books that would introduce her to our faith and identity while emphasizing universal values.
My friend, a thoughtful educator at a local Islamic school invited me to visit the school’s library. Unfortunately, that visit largely confirmed my dismal view.

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