His-teria: Is mental health still treated in a gendered way in Islamic communities?

It has taken intense intellectual fighting and scientific research on the part of a few to convince the many that women’s brains are not significantly different—read “weaker”—than men’s. (Our corpora collosa tend to be larger actually, but who’s measuring? Oh, yes, centuries of patriarchal thought patterns.) The most infamous example…

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13 Going on 30

In exactly one month, I will turn 30. See, you’re doing it too! I can practically hear you doing it. Something as subtle as one raised eyebrow, a slight widening of the eyes, or an uncomfortable shuffling of the feet. Or something a little more vocal: “The Big 3-0!” you’ll boom. Or “Wow, the dirty thirty!” My turning 30, it seems, holds more weight, more momentous heft for everyone else than it does for me.

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