Western Muslims

The “Mipsterz” video debacle: Westernization vs westoxification

The recent debate surrounding the “Somewhere in America” video by Sheikh & Bake Productions has thus far been by Muslim women of the West about Muslim women of the West. The discussion involves the balance in their lives between what Sana Saeed, in her discussion-generating article, calls “normal,” “Americanness,” and “Western” on one side and “ourselves” on the other.

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Love of God, husband, and self

Like Divine Love, love for your spouse requires some extent of extinguishment of your “self”. Indeed, the very search for a husband teaches Shelina Zahra Janmohamed in her new book, Love in a Headscarf, her smallness in the larger landscape of the world. Love – with a lower-case “l” – happens when you just know that your partner is the person who completes you.

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