(Dis)honor killings

Honor killings, in which women are murdered for tarnishing their family’s honor, are prevalent throughout the Middle East. In Jordan they account for one-third of all violent deaths, on the order of twenty-five a year. Although they are illegal, the murders are prosecuted leniently in a country where tribal custom and Islamic teachings often hold sway in the courts.

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Welcome to Altmuslimah

Welcome to Altmuslimah.com – what I hope will become the go-to place for compelling comment on gender issues in Islam. Our editorial team consists of individuals who have for a long time wanted a space to discuss critical – and often controversial – gender-related matters that are both personal and public. What makes Altmuslimah different is its combination of journalistic and academic perspectives with deeply private looks into our identity struggles vis-à-vis both Muslims and non-Muslims.

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