Asma Uddin Speaking at “Covering Islam in the Bible Belt” Conference- August 21-23

Covering the topic of Islam is becoming an increasingly challenging assignment for journalists, especially in the South. To help those who report on issues involving Muslim communities, the MTSU School of Journalism is hosting this conference and workshop, featuring veteran reporters and experts in Islamic history and culture.
The conference is sponsored by the McCormick Foundation with additional help from the John Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence in First Amendment Studies and the MTSU School of Journalism, and is planned and organized by the MTSU School of Journalism.

Conference Planning Committee:

• Phil Loubere, assistant professor and chair
• Dr. Dwight Brooks, director, MTSU School of Journalism
• Dr. Sanjay Asthana, associate professor
• Dr. Deborah Gump, John Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence and professional in residence

Monday- 8/22- 2:30pm
Asma Uddin, Founder, and International Law Attorney
A discussion on First Amendment rights and national security concerns

Made possible by a grant from the McCormick Foundation


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