Asma T. Uddin is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, and Co-founder of altFem Magazine and altVentures Media, Inc. She is also a lawyer and scholar specializing in American and international religious liberty. Some of Asma’s speaking engagements on behalf of altM can be found here. Contact: You can also find her on Twitter @asmauddinesq.

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Managing Editor

Zehra Rizavi is altM’s Managing Editor. She has developed story ideas, guided writers and editors through workshops and created internal and external reference material. She has a Bachelors in Public Relations and International Relations from American University and a Masters in Communication. Zehra worked at a PR firm, and was Associate Editor for “Strategic U.S. Public Diplomacy in a Global Communication Era.”


Web Editor

Hafsa Ahmad writes about feminism, politics and Pakistan. She graduated from Middlebury College, where she studied Int’l Politics and Economics and Arabic. A native of Princeton, NJ, Hafsa moved to Pakistan in 2014, where she writes, volunteers and works in research. In her spare time, she is a golfer, runner and a pilot. Contact:


News Editor

Kaitlin Montgomery is AltM’s News Editor. She also runs AltM’s social media and writes about all things newsworthy. She teaches middle school social studies at the Al-Iman School in Raleigh, NC and spends her free time working to create and establish creative outlets for Muslim youth. She holds a bachelor’s in communication-media with minors in journalism and Middle Eastern studies from North Carolina State University and is working on her master’s in education and education policy.
You can contact her at

altM Podcaster

Makkah Ali is a collaborative problem-solver passionate about connecting people to solve some of society’s toughest problems. Makkah works to provide individuals and institutions with the tools and processes they need to more effectively and collaboratively achieve their goals. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Peace and Justice Studies and Religion from Wellesley College and a master’s in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University.

You can find her tweeting about Blackness, being bad at running, and chocolate chip cookies at @MsMakkah.

altM Podcaster

Ikhlas Saleem is an experienced researcher and content manager with an interest in simplifying complex topics to increase dialogue and understanding, while extending the boundaries of inclusion in public discourse. Her areas of passion and expertise include religion, gender, culture and education. Ikhlas’ academic research has focused primarily on religion.

Ikhlas lives in Atlanta with her husband Joshua.



Assistant Editors

Uzma Mariam Ahmed spearheads altM’s Working Muslim Mom series. She has been featured on Altmuslimah@On Faith and the Huffington Post.  Mariam is an attorney working as the Head of Compliance at an international financial institution, and has written and worked pro bono on various projects involving domestic violence, refugees, and Muslim women throughout her legal career. 

Mariam holds a degree in Finance from Benedictine University and a JD from Northwestern University’s School of Law.

Firdaus Arastu writes on cultural identity, gender, and faith. She has been published on Al Jazeera English, The Huffington Post, and The Tribune, India. She is working on a new volume on women and religious freedom for the I Speak for Myself series.

Firdaus holds degrees in Anthropology and Psychology from Syracuse University on the Coronat Scholarship. Contact:


Margari Aziza Hill is Programming Director of Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborate. She is also an adjunct professor, blogger, editor, and a freelance writer published in SISTERS, Islamic Monthly, and Spice Digest. She holds a bachelor’s in History from Santa Clara University and a master’s in History of the Middle East and Islamic Africa from Stanford.

She blogs at and tweets: @margari_aziza.



Sabina Khan-Ibarra is a writer and editor published on BlogHer, Huffington Post, among others. She founded Muslimah Montage and is Social Media Chair for MuslimARC on intra-Muslim racism. Sabina created Ibrahimstree, dedicated to grieving parents after her first son Ibrahim passed away in 2011. Working as a Human Resource consultant, she resides in California. Sabina contributed her many interviews under Muslimah Montage to altMuslimah, under the project altMontage. Contact:


Najiyah Khan is a writer and an Associate Editor for altM, writing on a variety of topics. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Peaceful Families Project offering training seminars and conducting research. She also works with various nonprofit organizations in fundraising and outreach. She received her B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.



Shazia Kamal Farook manages the altMen section at altM. Shazia has a BA in English from UC Berkeley. Her commentary has appeared on On Faith (Washington Post) and Common Ground News Service.