3 Best Islamic Online Games

When used effectively, apps, online games, and technology can be a source of joy and can prove to be educational and rewarding. It is inevitable that these days you will want to be on the internet in some way so it’s a good idea to use the potential screen time for something more rewarding – have a read through this article for Islamic apps and online games that are specifically designed to educate and create a safe space online.  

Ali Huda

This is a great alternative to Netflix for Muslim people. Netflix and YouTube can provide endless entertainment but it’s often daunting to leave yourself open to such a wealth of content and entertainment. There are many downsides to the vastness of content out there and you can often find yourself looking at immoral content. Ali Huda is a streaming service where you can find all kinds of Islamic songs, stories, videos, and TV shows – these shows will allow your Arabic knowledge to increase and further your education whilst providing a safe space to access content on the wide web.

Ali and Sumaya: Let’s Pray!

This is an app that essentially teaches you about prayer. The app is an online classroom and guides you step by step through everything you need to know about prayer. The app even features quizzes and other learning resources, so this one is good to download if you want to maximize the potential of your screen time.

Muslim Kids Series: Mufradat

Online games and apps have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and will keep on changing in the next few years – we now have apps and games that make learning new languages fun and exciting. This app helps you become more familiar with Arabic. Whether starting from scratch or simply polishing up on a few grammar points or phrases, this is a great app for anyone that wants to improve their Arabic skills. As Muslims, we all want to be able to understand Arabic but teaching ourselves Arabic is often tricky when we have busy working schedules. This app is a great way of solving this problem. The app is great as it is colourful and features a voice guiding you through the various spellings, punctuation, and important grammar points. It’s designed to be fun, exciting, and educational, so download it today if you want to improve your Arabic skills!

Online games and apps don’t have to be silly and unproductive – these are just some of the great apps that you can download in order to improve your language skills and teach yourself more about Arabic culture – all while having loads of fun! Games can be a great way to engage your brain and get into learning without feeling like it’s a chore – so get downloading today! Gaming often means that knowledge seeps into your brain without you even realising it, which is why gaming is increasingly being viewed as a great educational tool. 

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