3 Tips To Always Having Fashionable Makeup

Applying makeup can be difficult and tedious, but for most women, it’s a daily activity that makes us look and feel more confident, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing it right. With makeup trends changing constantly and so many new products out everyday, how do we even keep…

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Aisa halal cosmetics: cruelty free and fabulous

altM recently talked with Azrin Isa, the founder of a fabulous halal cosmetics line, Aisa Cosmetics. Check out her story below! 1. What is Aisa Cosmetics and how is it unique among other cosmetic brands? Aisa Cosmetics is a halal cosmetic line. We pride ourselves on using only high-quality natural…

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Nike’s problematic relationship with the hijab

Major sportswear manufacturer, Nike, recently revealed an athletic headscarf for Muslim women. The product is termed the “Pro hijab” and is made of lightweight cloth with tiny holes that help the athletes’ skin breathe while keeping the skin covered. In producing such a product, Nike is the first large-scale sportswear…

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