The Nike Sports Hijab – What Muslim Women Want?

When any item of Muslim wear hits the fashion market, it usually attracts a lot of media attention. This has certainly been the case with the custom designed hijab created by Nike, aimed at Muslim women who want to get involved in sport or exercise whilst wearing a head covering….

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Nike’s problematic relationship with the hijab

Major sportswear manufacturer, Nike, recently revealed an athletic headscarf for Muslim women. The product is termed the “Pro hijab” and is made of lightweight cloth with tiny holes that help the athletes’ skin breathe while keeping the skin covered. In producing such a product, Nike is the first large-scale sportswear…

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Hoops in hijab #FIBAallowhijab

Many of the most inspirational moments for Muslims in 2016 have played out in the sports arena, where the talent, leadership and camaraderie of Muslim athletes, both male and female, have broken through the Islamophobia that sadly seems ubiquitous nowadays. The names Dalilah Muhammad (track and field), Ibtihaj Muhammad (fencing),…

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