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altM’s Asma Uddin has been working with dietician, Zainab Sarwar of Moksha Dubai, and can attest that Zainab is highly effective! Her broader offerings include a One-Stop Yoga Fitness experience. Tailored exclusively for women, Moksha Dubai specializes in Weight-Loss and Specific Body Area Transformation programs. Moksha Dubai is famous for its 21 Days Power Yoga Weight Loss Challenge offering a complete transformational journey that helps women improve not only their physical health but also emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Below, we offer an interview with Zainab, followed by more detailed information if you’re interested in signing up with her!


Zainab, how would you describe yourself? A yoga expert? A nutritionist? A life coach?

A Holistic health & Wellness coach would better describe me. I work on changing people’s lifestyle approach through yoga and nutrition.

How long have you been in practice?

Its been 10 years since I became addicted to yoga practice and 5 years since I started teaching it professionally. In 2012, I launched my yoga studio with the name of “MOKSHA STUDIO POWER YOGA “ and till date have delivered more than 2500 classes successfully.

What made you interested in yoga? 

I have polycystic ovaries so I had always struggled with weight issues and after my marriage the symptoms actually became worst. I was very depressed, perplexed and my mood swings were at their peak. With multiple attempts to curb my issues, a friend motivated me to attend a yoga class for a change. I attended my first yoga class with Jason Crandall who later became my Mentor in this field. After my very first class, I felt my stress reduce and my focus increase.

The experience left a very positive impact and every passing day, yoga rejuvenated my psychological and physical health. Not only did I feel more connected to myself but my depression vanished and I started thinking more positively about life. I also started losing weight and my PCOS symptoms were almost gone.

Yoga transformed me inside out. Yoga taught me the art of letting go and keep moving on no matter what amount of hardships come in life. After completing my first 21 days of Yoga practice, I was willing to pursue a lifelong journey to explore the human condition. This was a turning point in my life and I realized that if one session could bring such changes in my life, the same can be offered to hundreds of women around me with similar issues. This became a career objective which I have been relentlessly pursuing up until now.

During the course, I went through three miscarriages and an ankle repair surgery and it was because of Power Yoga that I healed quickly from all the physical, emotional and psychological traumas. Through sadness, depression, happiness, anxiety and joy – Yoga has allowed me to experience myself and the world around me in a way that is honest, humble, skillful and energetic. Now I am committed to yoga for life.

Power Yoga Specialist Zainab Sarwar

Do you think a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of practicing yoga?

Not really! Actually people come to my class with a general perception that yoga is a very easy practice in which you sit cross-legged, do some breathing exercises, meditate and that’s how you lose weight and get all the potential benefits.

In my sessions, I don’t just instruct my students while standing separately at the front of the room. I teach, train and supervise each and every person myself. People generally get intimidated about the idea of trying intermediate or advance poses but I make them comfortable first and never push them beyond their body potential.

What advice would you give to women who feel like they don’t have time to set aside time to go to the gym? Should they focus more on their diet or exercise? 

Both diet and exercise go hand in hand. Healthy diet is important to lose weight on scale where as exercise is very critical in sculpting your body shape post weight loss. So many women do diets and lose weight but still after losing about 10 kg of weight, their fat is still hanging around their bodies. On the other hand, those who do exercise with diet successfully drop their dress sizes as well as their weight on scale and look more sculpted.

You must have heard about 80/20 theory where 80% is contributed to diet and 20% to exercise respectively. That 20% of exercise should be based upon the right approach otherwise your body suffers. So if you are eating right and exercising wrong, the whole combination will turn out as a disaster for you and vice versa.

I would like to give one piece of advice to women:  Give yourself due importance if you want other people around to give you importance. Take one hour of your day out for yourself, as no investment is better than investing on yourself. Even if they can’t join any gym or workout session, go for a 30 minute walk daily and watch what you are eating as you eventually become what you eat.


Here’s a longer interview with Zainab.

​And some formal information in case you’re interested in signing up:

At Moksha Dubai, we offer a highly guided and supervised program catered to the individual needs of all our clients. Every yoga session is supplemented by a customized diet therapy offered individually to each client with 24/7 supervision from a Nutritionist. Every session is uniquely designed across various workout techniques including Cardio, Abs & Arms Strengthening, Upper & Lower Body Toning. These specifically designed 21 different workouts are so effective that people start seeing results as soon as from their 2nd or 3rd class.  People must also send pictures of each of their meals into the group WhatsApp.


We bring to you a unique blend of wellness with years of experimenting yoga perfected into 21 Unique Sequences coupled with a Specialized Diet Therapy to make you lose weight the right way. For the women of all ages who have traditionally struggled with weight and inch loss, our sessions result in fat loss starting as early as within two to three days of the program. If you are facing any of the below issues in life, then this unique program is for you!


Arthritis & Asthma

 Mental Concentration

 Menopausal Stress


Stress & Anxiety

Over Weight & Obesity

 Pre Menstrual Syndrome

PCOS Symptoms


Low Blood Circulation

 Weak Immune System

Insomnia Hypertension


 Moksha Dubai’s 21 days Power yoga weight loss challenge is a guaranteed weight loss program in which people end up losing uoto 6 kgs in 21 days and losing around 5-6 inches from overall their body. We take everyone’s measurements on day 1 of the challenge and repeat those measurements after 3rdclass and everyone loses about 2-3 inches off their overall body that boosts up their self-esteem and confidence.






To join our up-coming session starting from 16thSeptember, 2018, Please call or watsapp @00971529865868


Time: 9am-10 am



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