altMuslimah (“altM”) is an online magazine featuring compelling commentary on gender-in-Islam from both the male and female, Muslim and non-Muslim, perspectives.

“Gender in Islam” has multiple dimensions and evokes a wide multitude of emotions: fear, confusion, defiance, love. altM explores all of these dimensions and provides a platform for intra- and inter-community dialogue on a wide variety of gender-related issues. In particular, it looks at the intersection of female and male sexuality and gender identity with society, politics, economics, and culture.

The mode of exploration is a combination of analysis and personal stories. The editors at altM are firm believers in the power of personal narratives to help explain social phenomena. By uncovering the stories of a wide cross-section of men and women in the community, altM helps bring into sharper focus the gender issues that affect both men and women.


The issue of gender is central to:

(1) The development of intra-community Muslim discourse on gender rights (women’s space in the mosque, relations between the genders, the marriage crisis facing young Muslim American women, etc.).

(2) Enhancing non-Muslims’ understanding of Muslims and Islam, as it is precisely these sorts of issues (women’s rights, burqas, headscarves, honor killings, polygamy, harems, etc.) that capture the imagination of non-Muslims and inspire their distrust of Islam.