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Bernie, Hillary, and the failures of feminism

It’s no secret that I’m a Bernie Sanders fan. I #FeelTheBern and I feel it hard. Having begun this election season apathetic, I watched a Democratic debate in November and was sold on the only person on stage who seemed to be giving honest, well-thought answers, the person who has…


Saudi fighter challenges stereotypes of women

In the Middle East, a female jiu-jitsu fighter works to eliminate bias against women in combat sports. No historian can say for certain whether the Amazons existed. Some say they lived in a matriarchal society, where little girls were raised as warriors and men took care of the babies. Some…

'All the World has been made a Mosque for Me'

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Muslim Women Changemakers


Sabina Khan-Ibarra

Sabina Khan-Ibarra is a Muslim “Feminist” (she is still working on a definition of Feminist that fits her ideology) who advocates and demands equal rights and space for Muslim women in all scopes- leadership roles, on the stage, in the masjids, etc.   The lack of Muslim women visible was why she…


Asma Uddin

Asma T. Uddin is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, and Co-founder of altFem Magazine and altVentures Media, Inc. She is also a lawyer and scholar specializing in American and international religious liberty.   Asma Uddin has traveled across the United States to speak on myriad topics, including Islam, religious liberty, women in Islam. She…

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My Son, My Bodhisattva

My son, Ibrahim, arrived small yet mighty in a Central Asian hospital one February morning, a miniature version of his Afghan father; brown skin, dark hair, a broad brow. On the inside, he carried my O- blood. I knew that this child was cut from the same cloth as my…

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Shabana Mir: The Hijab Debate

Recently, a blogosphere debate erupted on headscarves/hijab among various Muslim women. The debate was preceded by physical harassment against visibly Muslim women (see this, this, this, and this). The worsened climate of Islamophobia was greeted with shock and disgust by a number of Americans. A number of non-Muslim women—Dr. Larycia…

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Paul Macnamara/Guzelian

Bana Gora of the Muslim Womens Council, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Bana is lookingb to open the UK's first womens mosque in Bradford.

Bana Gora is planning Britain’s first female-managed mosque

In a brightly lit office in Bradford’s Carlisle business centre, on a road lined with charity shops, grocery stores and a green-domed masjid, Bana Gora and her team at the Muslim Women’s Council (MWC) are organising final preparations before a much-awaited consultation about the UK’s first women-managed mosque. At the…

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In defense of Hijabsters

A couple of months ago, I shared an article on my Facebook page about ‘Hijabi Hipsters’; a new generation of hijabis who fuse fashion with faith by wearing stylish hijab-friendly outfits. “Wow, that sounds like you!” One of my friends noted. Most of the other people in the thread seemed…

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Reflections on women’s space in mosques

I visited perhaps my favorite place in Istanbul today, the Sultan Ayyoub Ansari mosque and shrine … I came away feeling a bit destroyed instead of spiritually renewed. It was early in the day, before dhur prayer. There was no prayer going on, but the imam was giving a lecture….

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My Hijab declared my faith in Islam – and got me fired

Andrews University is a private, Seventh-Day Adventist University that prides itself on being one of the “most culturally diverse universities in the nation,” according to the U.S. News and World Report. I attended Andrews University as an undergraduate and graduate student, and was later employed there as a full-time faculty…

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Choosing a childfree present

This piece is a follow up to the essay, “Accidentally Childfree”.
“Do you want to be in your marriage?” She asked me, matter-of-factly.
For months I wrestled with this question, always too afraid to broach it during daylight hours. But here we were, in her bright little office, and her words flooded the room.
On that day, I did not have an answer for her.

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On the feminine attributes of Allah

“Say: She is Allah, She is One, She is Eternal She begets not nor is She begotten And there is none equal unto Her.” -The Holy Quran: Surah Ikhlas (Absoluteness), 112   The above verse defines the Omnipotence of God in Islam. Emphasizing, as per its title the concept of…

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Isis executes first female citizen journalist in Raqqa

Isis has executed what is believed to be the first female citizen journalist for reporting inside its territory, Syrian media has reported. The execution of Ruqia Hassan marks the fifth journalist who reported on Isis to be killed since October, according to Syrian journalism organisation Syria Direct. Ms Hassan, who…

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