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    The MLI Controversy: We are family!

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    Why I’m not mad Michelle Obama didn’t wear a veil in Saudi Arabia

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    Zahra Noorbakhsh

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    Ishqr Diaries: My Time

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    Dear Salma: He won’t marry me. Because I’m non-Arab.

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Ishqr Diaries: My Time

I prayed out loud as my friends and I drove back from a woefully disappointing matrimonial mixer. I know it might seem dramatic, but the mixer was just the tip of the ice breaker. Each of us had our own tough experiences over the past few months

'All the World has been made a Mosque for Me'

photo credit: Mohammed Domiri Ganji

DIY Kaaba Box of Knowledge

Since my daughter goes to public school here in Canada, she relies on me to teach her about Islam. I have to be honest…

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Muslim Women

Making a Difference

Zahra Noorbakhsh

Spiritually, I am still very much Muslim and I invite others to establish their own definitions as well. The more complicated it gets, the…


Raidah Shah Idil

…One of my dreams is to be a video game storyboard writer. I am a huge believer in the power of storytelling, and believe…

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The Grinch lives on

<< From the Altmuslimah Archives >>
I’m irked by all the “Merry Christmas” cards, the Facebook pictures and the stories of my Muslim friends actively celebrating Christmas. This past December they were baking cookies for Santa, trimming trees and exchanging gifts–all decidedly un-Muslim activities.

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