Gender Violence

‘A long time coming’: These Muslims are bringing sex abuse by sheikhs out of the shadows

For Sidrah Ahmad-Chan, the moment felt surreal. Listening to a Muslim psychologist speaking about patterns of abuse while on stage at the American Islamic College on Saturday (Jan. 11), she pulled up Twitter. “First panel discussion and I am already reeling,” typed Ahmad-Chan, a Toronto-based researcher studying gender-based violence and…

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Is Uber Safe? Tips For Muslim Women

Uber is a popular ride-hailing app, but numerous criticisms of passenger safety have come to light over the past few years. For example, at least  103 Uber drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing passengers in the last four years, a report by CNN found. Uber safety is therefore naturally…

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Calling All Religious (Not Just Muslim) Leaders

Let’s End Female Genital Mutilation Jennifer, a member of the evangelical community in Kentucky, shared her testimonial as a survivor of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) earlier this week.  Jennifer is a white, Christian, American – not the usual face of an issue that is often framed as a faraway cultural practice restricted to…

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