Gender Violence

I Can’t Be a Good Girl Anymore

His hand slides up under the hem of my ruffled cotton dress.  We are waiting in the car for my aunt to come out of the store, and her husband’s hand goes from my skinny knee to the inside of my thigh.  He smiles and tells me I have very…

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Why Survivors Don’t Tell?

TRIGGER WARNING This article or section contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors. Up until a few years ago, Jian Ghomeshi was known to many Canadians as a singer, musician and radio broadcaster. In 2014, he gained notoriety for a much more sinister reason….

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Confronting violence against women in India

In retrospect, it wasn’t that unusual of an event but would be one that finally broke the silence surrounding violence against women in the world’s second largest country.
On December 16, a 23-year-old medical student travelling with a male companion on a bus in New Delhi was beaten and gang raped by a group of 6 men for over an hour as the bus traveled across the city. When they were done, they threw her from the bus onto the road leaving her in critical condition.

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