Trivializing consent and minimizing slavery within American academia

As a scholar, activist, and Muslim woman, I find it necessary to critique Jonathan Brown’s recent statements regarding sexual consent and the institution of slavery. On February 7th, 2017, Brown delivered a lecture at the International Institute for Islamic Thought entitled “Islam and the Problem of Slavery.” While the lecture…

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Bigly Fears

Last November, my journal was filled with pages blank from neglect. Donald Trump had just won the presidential election, and although writing often paves a way to truth for me, this time, I could manage only one sentence: I’m scared.      I’m scared had hummed over the last two decades of my life: I had…

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An Index of Small Stings

All-Girls I am visiting the all-girls boarding home outside of Guadalajara, Mexico where I’d once spent two years volunteering. Located at the end of a bumpy, cobblestone street in a town whose name literally translates to Farm City, this internado has no internet or cable, its only television stationed on a rolling…

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