Making peace with death

I have found myself contemplating death ever since I returned from Hajj a few months ago. People perform Hajj to fulfill a religious obligation to God, to renew their faith in God, and to experience a sense of community with Muslims from around the world. In this sense, Hajj is…

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The Irreplaceable Asma Jehangir

Asma Jehangir was nothing short of a superhero for Pakistani women who wanted someone with grit and an indomitable spirit to stand up to “The Man.” Be it the military overstepping its mandate, a popular autocrat’s absolute power or the trampling of minority rights, Jehangir was ever ready to push…

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An errant crossbow, An accidental sniper hit, Friendly fire, A spray of bullets. Caught in the cross-fire. A boy fleeing from age-old enemies in the woods, Hidden behind his protector-father, the true target An elderly woman carrying home a heavy load of groceries Minding her own A Marine at the…

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