Exploring the dangers of excessive sentimentality

Women are in love with love. Particularly around Valentine’s Day and further into the spring, many women find themselves dreaming of a romance that will solve all of life’s ills and provide their heart’s desire. It doesn’t stop with Valentine’s Day. Women are by far the largest consumers of chick-flicks and romance novels.

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Living Gender, Living Faith

Gender is a topic relevant to all spheres of life from the courtroom to the bedroom, workplace to worship centers. The Buxton Initiative and AltMuslimah aim to provide a space for people to share their stories and raise questions as they negotiate issues of gender and religion. To kick off this program, we will be hosting An Interfaith Social on January 31st at 6:30pm at The Case Foundation, 1717 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20036.

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